Pleasure Boosting Chocolate for Couples

(Enhance Sexual Arousal Naturally)

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Servings: Pack of 2 Chocolates
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How To Use ?

For optimal results, it is advised to take it with your partner at least 30 minutes before engaging in intimacy. It's worth noting that while some individuals may not immediately perceive effects before sexual activity, It operates in the background to enhance your experience during intercourse. Additionally, the benefits of Nooky tend to accumulate over time with regular use

What's In this?

Our exclusive blend, Nooky - Romance Wrapped in Chocolate, is meticulously crafted with a harmonious combination of premium ingredients which includes Dark Chocolate Maca Extract, Kaunch Beej Extract (Velvet Bean), Ashwagandha Extract, Caffeine and Liboost Powder. Elevate your intimate moments with a blend designed to enhance sexual function, pleasure, and overall well-being.