About InstaEats

We at InstaEats are a team of food experts and experienced dietitians who aim to make India healthy and nutritious. We help people fulfil their daily micronutrient requirements and manage their lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, PCOD and Thyroid naturally through our scientifically customized & healthiest superfood mix and Dietary consultation.

About Founders

IntaEats is the brainchild of Rekha & Saurabh, a husband-wife duo. Dr.Rekha is an award-winning dietitian, woman entrepreneur and the brain behind InstaEats. She is also a founder of the booming fitness startup called InstaFitness, i.e. nutrition and fitness-focused company. Rekha is a passionate, courageous woman who never stops to put her learnings to great use and enables people to solve their health-related issues via dietary habits. Over the years, she helped more than 60k individuals by simplifying their personal health requirements through diet and nutrition consultation.

Saurabh is the driving force and inspiration behind InstaEats. His tale is worth inspiring as an engineer turned into a successful Exercise professional. He is also a successful founder of a leading fitness startup called InstaFitness. In intending to make India fit and healthy, he with his team has served more than 60,000 people so far. He has reversed diabetes and PCOS symptoms significantly. With his unique route cause nutrition approach, he is further on a mission to make 5 million people fit in the next 10 years. He aims to simplify healthy eating easy, affordable, and accessible for all. Thus, he successfully launches InstaEats.

Our Mission

We Want To Make 5 Million People Micronutrient Efficient In The Next 3 Years Through Our Solution.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make people live healthy not by choice but as a lifestyle and to see a healthy & disease-free India.

Our USP's

Tasty and convenient solution for cravings and mid-meals. Healthiest snacks you ever wished for.

  • 100% Safe & Natural Ingredients
  • Single Pack Serving
  • Nutritionally Quantified
  • High In Micronutrients & Minerals
  • No Added Sugar & Preservatives
  • Easy To Have, Easy To Carry
  • Scientifically Formulated

Our Values

Much like your mother handpicked each ingredient beneficiary to your health, we at Instaeats scientifically formulate each superfood with utmost love and care to benefit your health, leading you to live a disease-free lifestyle.

We are a team of diverse leaders, expert dietitians and innovators who work together to create an exceptional health experience that delivers the 100% natural, scientifically formulated, healthy snacks you have ever wished for!

ONE Single Pack Serving can go a long way to complete the deficiency of nutrition and micronutrients in your diet. It manages your lifestyle to get you free from severe diseases like- Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Thyroid, PCOS, Indigestions and much more. Formulated with No Added Sugar & Preservatives, our products are natural and organic, proudly serving a nutritional lifestyle.

We Proudly Own Our Customer's Happiness

Not sure which is the right Superfood mix for you? Get instant help from a leading health coach.